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360Ground, a leading software development company, was presented with an ambitious challenge by the Central Statistics Agency. The challenge was to develop an all-encompassing electronic market price collection system in Ethiopia. The project involved creating a mobile application for data collection, a statistical backend system for processing and calculating Consumer Price Index (CPI) and inflation, and a dissemination system to make the data available to the public. Covering 25 branches and 125 marketplaces in all regions of Ethiopia, the system aimed to modernize and streamline the country’s price data collection and processing infrastructure.



Our team began by thoroughly examining the Request for Proposal (RFP) provided by the agency. The RFP had clear guidelines on the functional requirements, non-functional requirements, and expected project timeline. This detailed document became the blueprint for the entire development process.



We embarked on a four-stage implementation process:

  • System Design & Development: We designed and developed an asynchronous, offline-capable Android mobile app that facilitated data collection from enumerators and branch managers. The application was outfitted with a range of features such as automatic geo-tagging, Bluetooth data transfer, role-based access, chat-based helpline, and an error detection mechanism.
  • Data Synchronization & Management: We ensured reliable two-way communication between the server and mobile devices for seamless data synchronization. A web-based real-time data management dashboard was also developed to monitor and supervise data entry from enumerators in the field.
  • Statistical Backend System: A powerful backend system was developed using a three-tiered architecture comprising backend RDBMS, application (Logic layer), and Front-end/UI. This system was designed to process and clean the collected data, calculate the CPI and inflation, and generate standardized reports.
  • Data Dissemination: A user-friendly web application was created to make the data available to the public. This included a GUI for data query, interactive visualizations, an analytics module, and multiple channels of data dissemination.
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After rigorous testing and user acceptance trials, the system was successfully launched. The system was not only able to meet but exceed the client’s expectations:

  • Improved Data Collection: The mobile app made it easy for enumerators to collect data and supervisors to manage it. Offline capabilities and Bluetooth data transfer features ensured data collection continued uninterrupted even in remote areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The dashboard offered real-time data management, allowing the agency to monitor data entry and update itself with the most recent changes.
  • Efficient Data Processing: The robust backend system effectively processed the collected data and produced reliable CPI and inflation rates.
  • Accessible Data Dissemination: The public now has easy access to important data through the web application. Interactive visualizations made understanding the data easier for non-technical users.
  • Enhanced Security: The system was developed with strong security measures in place. This included secured hosting design, coding level security, user privilege management, data security features, audit trail, and penetration testing.

The system has revolutionized the process of market price data collection and dissemination in Ethiopia, leading to increased efficiency, transparency, and reliability of price statistics.


360Ground is proud to have been part of such a groundbreaking project. The success of the project reaffirms our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art software solutions that drive digital transformation and create real-world impact. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Central Statistics Agency and serving as their trusted technology partner.